A West Virginia native, Richard Lindsay knows the values of hard work, honesty, compassion and family.

8th State Senate District


I was born and raised in Charleston where I learned the values of hard work, honesty, compassion and family. My mother and father have deep roots in the community and taught, through their example, that we all need to look out for one another. If a neighbor was sick or lost a job, Mom and Dad were quick to help with a bag of groceries, picking the kids of from school, or just a willingness to listen and offer encouragement. 


Mom and Dad also understood that a job provided much more than just a paycheck. I learned the value and satisfaction of hard work as a grocery bagger at the Bigley Avenue Foodland, as a glassworker at Southern Glass on the westside and as a waiter at the old Heart of Town Holiday Inn. Those experiences made me the person I am today and helped to make me a better lawyer helping those who have been injured or harmed through no fault of their own.  

I’m running for the legislature because I want my kids to learn the same values and have the same opportunities I had when I was growing up. I want to help restore common sense to state government by working for budget priorities that help working families and small businesses. I will fight for economic justice so that our children can stay at home and our families can stay together. I will fight for a policy on opioids that treats this issue like the public health care crisis that it is, and I will fight for a living wage for our workers and affordable accessible health care for all.  



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Charleston, WV 25322


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