I am proud to announce the hiring of Alicia Speedy as campaign manager for my campaign for the West Virginia 8th District State Senate. During the primary, I was impressed with her ability to lead, communicate, organize AND raise two beautiful daughters, and knew she had to part of my team.


Alicia and her husband recently moved to Hurricane West Virginia from eastern North Carolina. In 2016, Alicia’s work as a Marketing and Finance consultant brought her to West Virginia often, and during these visits, she and her husband grew to love the state. Avid hikers, the mountains felt like home so when the opportunity to relocate presented itself, there was no question that West Virginia would be their new home.


Alicia has always had her heart set on serving the community. As a former Applied Behavior Analyst for children with Autism, she began her career in politics by advocating for children through the legislature. She has served as Finance Director for several United State Senatorial and Congressional candidates along with the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives in North Carolina.


About this opportunity and her new home, Alicia says: “I am excited for the next chapter in my family’s life. As the daughter of a parent serving in the Navy, I have had the opportunity to live all over the country, but West Virginia is the first time I’ve felt at home. It’s truly ‘almost heaven’ here and my husband and I are tickled to be raising our girls here.”


After a rigorous questionaire and candidate interview process, AFT-WV announces our Primary Election Endorsements. 

AFT-WV endorsements are based on a candidate's views and/or voting record on education and workers issues. 

AFT-WV endorsed the following candidates: 8th: Richard Lindsay

By WVEA Communications Staff, March 27, 2018

The West Virginia Education Association-Political Action Committee (WVEA-PAC) recommends the following candidates for the WV Legislature in the May 8 Primary Election.

“WVEA-PAC believes, based on past performances and responses to interview questions, these candidates are advocates for public education and children,” stated WVEA-PAC Chair Dale Lee. “These candidates share our commitment to improving education in West Virginia.”

WVEA-PAC is the independent, political arm of the WVEA, the state’s largest teacher organization.

WVEA-PAC endorsed the following candidates: 8th: Richard Lindsay

Rich Lindsay: Teachers Deserve Better For Many Ways They Serve, Large and Small (Gazette)

By Rich Lindsay, Feb 28, 2018


What seems like a lifetime ago, I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with third grade teachers at Pratt and Sharon Dawes elementary schools in 2000 through the non-profit “West Virginia’s Helping.”

I went to each school three times a week and experienced first-hand the tremendous work teachers and school personnel do with our children day in and day out with little fanfare. I witnessed teachers paying out of their own pocket for school supplies and snacks. I saw teachers attempt time again in crowded classrooms to reach students who were behind or disinterested. Finally, I observed in moments big and small their great reservoir of empathy for their students and passion for education.

Little has changed in the 18 years since. Our teachers and school personnel work just as hard as they ever have. Unfortunately, while their efforts and workload have increased, their pay and benefits have not followed. In fact, their wages and benefits have stagnated significantly or decreased all together.

In response to these circumstances the Governor and his party have offered a pittance – more recently a two percent pay increase in the first year and one percent pay increase in each of the three years thereafter. This meager proposal likely does not keep up with inflation. Worse still, any wage increase received will quickly be eaten up by the chronically underfunded and undervalued Public Insurance Employee Agency (PEIA).

This is how the majority wields power. Instead of focusing their attention on priorities that benefit our teachers, school personnel and public employees – the very people who are essential to our present and future as a state – the Governor and his party have elected to focus their attention on issues of forced pooling (redistribution of property rights) and on ways in which to divide our people along cultural or social lines. It’s a shame. And it has to stop.

Our teachers, school personnel and public employees struggling to take care of their families in service to our state should be the Governor and his party’s priority. They have earned better wages and were promised better benefits. And aside from doing what’s right, reasonably compensating our public employees in offering competitive wages and benefits has the effect of not only retaining these hard working West Virginians, but potentially welcoming new West Virginians, educators and the like, who can finally make a living here and want to make our beautiful state their home.

The opportunity is here if we prioritize the needs of hard working West Virginians. If we do so, then our state’s best days are ahead of us. However, if the Governor and his crew are unwilling, we must demand it.

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